Dry Hairs with Dandruff – Herbal Hair Care Solutions and Healthy Living

Healthy living is all about taking proper care of our body, eating healthy food and leading a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to hair care, there are several factors including genetics and environmental effects that can bring us down on our knees at times. Two of the very common hair care problems that people come across in daily lives are dry hairs and dandruff. Though both these problems are not directly linked to one another, one can cause the start of another problem as an indirect consequence. In this write-up, we shall try to understand how these two hair care problems are inter-related and how to treat the two conditions.

Dry Hairs and Dandruff – Do You Have Both These Problems?

Though the causes for dry hairs and dandruff are slightly different, the two problems do have a link. Dry hairs mean dry scalp and dry scalp can let the skin cells to shed fast and cause dandruff. Though dandruff caused by dry scalp is less severe as compared to the one caused by a fungal infection, doctors say that the problem does need attention.

How to Approach Dry Hairs and Dandruff Problems?

Mild cases of dry scalp and dandruff may be prevented by a change in lifestyle and hair care. However, when the problem is quite severe and when there are symptoms like itching or red patches, it is advisable to consult the doctor in the first place. Doctors may suggest hair care creams, shampoos or other corrective measures in order to cure the dry hairs and dandruff problems.

Use of moisturizers, shampooing less or shampooing adequately depending on the reason behind dandruff and taking precautionary measures related to drying hairs exposing it to sun or exposure to chemicals can all help prevent the problem.

Dry Hairs and Dandruff – Herbal Hair Care Solutions

There are many herbal shampoos and herbal hair oils which can be very effective against hair problems like dry hairs and dandruff. These products are made of rare herbs that are naturally grown in India. Each of these herbal ingredients can provide the required nourishment to your hairs by reaching the roots, making the hair strong and preventing infection through its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Nisargalaya Brahmi Oil is one of the leading brands that produces Ayurvedic shampoo and herbal hair oil for all family members. The products contain ingredients such as Bhringaraja, Neelini, Brahmi and Champak. These ingredients are distinctive and highly effective as compared to routine shampoos or hair oils available in the market.

Now Nisargalaya is offering its herbal hair care products online. Customers can check out details of the products through the Nisargalaya website.