Dry Hairs – Are You Showing Enough Care?

Our hairs are normally healthy because they receive moisture from the roots.

The roots are naturally generated oil through nutrients which are then used by your hairs to stay healthy.

When the scalp or the roots do not hold oil, for whatever reason, or when they tend to become dry, your hairs start to turn dry.

Dry hairs may always mean dry scalp.

So how does your scalp become dry? What are the ways to prevent it?

In this article you can understand if you are showing enough care for your hairs and also get to know natural remedies and shampoo and best herbal hair oil for dry hairs.

Dry Hairs and Dry Scalp – The Root Causes Have to Do with the Roots

Unlike most other hair care problems such as hair fall, grey hairs etc. which can be linked to genetics, dry hairs have mostly an environmental leaning.

If you have dry hairs then the root causes may be with how healthy your hair roots are.

In other words, you may probably look at one of the following factors when you are searching for causes for dry hair.

  • Dry Hair After Shampoo

Many people complain of dry hair after they wash their hairs. The problem may have to do with your shampoo drying off the natural oil produced by the scalp. This can let the hair go dry. Using herbal hair shampoo which moisturizes and keeps the hair healthy can be the best solution for this.

  • Chlorinated Water

Swimming or taking shower many times a day in chlorinated water can also have the same effect as a harsh shampoo may have on your hairs.

  • The Sun

People who work in hot and dry weather where their scalp is continuously exposed to the sun may also result in dry hair.

  • Use of Harmful Chemical Based Hair Products

There may be hair products such as dyes and relaxers which may have chemicals that remove the necessary oils from the roots of your hairs. Using herbal or Ayurvedic products for hair care can reverse such situations.

  • Drying or Styling Hairs with Heat

Another common practice which may be leading to dry hairs is machine drying the hair after shower or usage of heated treatment for hair straightening or any other styling process.

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3 Natural Remedies for Treating Dry Hairs

Dry hairs are caused by the roots of the hair going dry.

There are three substances which are rich in nutrients and moisture and easily available at homes. They can be used to reverse the situation.

Yogurt and Oil

Yogurt has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for hair care. By mixing it with oil as well as egg, it can be used to fight the dry hair and other hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall too.

Egg Treatment

Eggs are rich in protein. They have moisturizing property and smoothening function which makes them ideal for hair care. Eggs can be mixed with yogurt and oil to prepare a mask that can be applied to hair.

Oil Treatment

There are a number of naturally made oils such as olive oil, almonds oil, coconut oil etc. which have natural properties that can make the roots healthy through nutrients and moisture and ensure that hairs turn healthier.

Apart from such natural oils, herbal oil or Ayurvedic oils are made of unique ingredients that possess essential nutrients to quickly treat dry hairs.

Herbal Hair Oil for Dry Hairs

Herbal hair oils from India are made of unique ingredients such as Brahmi, Bringaraja, Champak, Amalaki, Nimba and Bakuchi. These ingredients have been used in the country for thousands of years and are rich in nutrients that are essential for your hair. Champak, Brahmi and Haritaki are all meant for nourishing hair from its roots. Nisargalaya has brought hair care products by coming up with the best mixture of these carefully selected Ayurvedic ingredients. Try Nisargalaya Bhrami Shampoo and Oil to have
silky and smooth hair. Both the shampoo and hair oil promote the generation of essential oils by providing proper nutrition to the scalp and hair roots.