Dull Hairs – Losing that Vital Shine From Your Personality
dull hair causes

Our hairs are made up of proteins.

A layer of scales over every hair which is called the cuticle gives it a shiny appearance.

When this layer is disturbed, your hairs become matte in appearance and look dull and unhealthy.

So what causes your hairs to turn dull? Is it lack of nutrition or is it with the way you take care of your hairs?

How do you transform your dull hairs to make them look shiny?

In this write-up we have tried to answer these questions.

Read-on till the end of the article to find out herbal solutions for dull hair problem in India.

Why do Your Hairs Become Dull?

To find out the causes for dull hairs, let us try and understand the anatomy of a hair strand.

Hairs are made of a tough protein called keratin.

Cuticle is the outermost layer of a hair shaft which comprises dead cells.

It adds strength and protects the hair shaft from external damage.

These are basically dead cells which are arranged like tiles of the roof to give your hairs a smooth finish. They reflect light and hence your looks shiny.

Your hairs appear dull when this layer of cuticle gets damaged.

There may be many reasons for cuticle layer to get damaged.

Heat Damage: Your hairs normally turn dull when they are over exposed to blow drying or heat styling. Heating can cause the natural moisture and oil in hair to dry leading to dullness.

Lack of Nutrition

Deficiency of vital nutrients can cause your hairs to become dull, weak and susceptible to breakage. Vitamin B2 deficiency and silica deficiency are linked to dull hair problem. Spinach, almonds, mushroom, milk and fish are sources for Vitamin B2 and apples, capscicum, beans and celery are rich in silica.

Shampoo and Dye

The frequent use or increased application of shampoo and dye can also cause the natural moisture to dry from your hairs, damaging the cuticle and causing your hairs to turn dry.

What are Ayurvedic Solutions for Dull Hairs?

Ayurvedic herbs such as Bhringaraja and Neelini are most widely used to treat hair problems such as dull hairs, grey hairs and hair loss.

Bhringaraja has many properties that can improve the health of your hairs and make it appear shiny.

It is a natural conditioner that cools down your scalp and nourishes your follicles to improve hair health.

On the other hand, Neelini is also known to fight against inflammatory conditions and protect hair from environmental problems.

The combination of the these two ingredients along with Tulsi and Amla can make an amazing solution to all your hair problems.

Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Oil to Treat Dull Hairs Problem in India

India is home to Ayurvedic solutions for all sorts of hair related to issues.

Herbal shampoos and herbal oils are very effective in preventing hair problems like dull hairs, dry hairs, split ends or hair fall.

Nisargalaya is one of the leading brands that offers Ayurvedic hair care products for both men and women.

Nisargalaya root hair oil and Nisargalaya shampoo contain herbal ingredients like Bhringaraja, Neelini, Brahmi, Champak, Rasanjana and many others all of which combine to make a hair care product that fights most of the types of hair problems.

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