Grey Hairs in Kids – What to Know and How to Cure?

Grey hairs are a symbol of aging. It is disturbing for parents when they see their young kids grow grey hairs. What are the causes of grey hair in children? Is it something to worry about? How should parents deal with the problem? In this write-up, we try and find out answers to these questions and suggest remedial steps.

Is it common for children to get grey hair?

Melanin is the pigment that keeps your child’s hair black. When there is a decrease in pigment production, the hairs turn grey and when there is no melanin at all, they become white. The melanin production drops with aging. Therefore, it is not common for children to have grey hair. But at the same time, a few strands of grey hair do not cause any harm or reflect any serious condition in the first place. However, parents should try and find out what might be the possible causes and reverse it, while ensuring that the child is not being mentally disturbed because of grey hairs.

Common Causes for Grey Hairs in Kids


Doctors say that genetics is one of the important factors that lead to premature greying of hairs in children. Research has also found that people of certain races are more prone to grey hair than others.

Vitamin Deficiency

Another very crucial factor that is causing grey hair in kids in recent times is the lack of nutrition. Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for maintaining the color of the hair. It is commonly available in fish, meat, eggs and certain cereals. In recent times, due to a lack of balanced nutritional intake, kids are facing grey hair problems among many other health concerns.


Stress is not a common problem in kids. But in recent times, due to changes in lifestyle and technology, children are subject to some level of anxiety and pressure which may be leading them towards other health concerns and dietary problems which may be ultimately affecting proper hair growth and causing grey hairs.

Health Concerns

In rare cases, there may be other health concerns like Vitligo, Tuebrous Scelerosis etc which may be affecting the production of Melanin and ultimately leading to grey hairs in children.

How to Prevent Growth of Grey Hairs?

Parents should firstly understand that treating grey hair takes time. Depending on the reason behind grey hairs the problem may be cured or sometimes not. It may be advisable to meet the doctor before taking steps such as using hair color on children. Grey hairs may be caused by genetics, vitamin deficiency or other factors. Once the reason is known the problem can be handled better. It is also important that the parents are supportive of the child throughout the journey since the child may be facing issues from friends at school or elsewhere because of grey hair.

How to Care for Hairs of Your Child?

Eating nutrition-rich food, leading a stress-free life and caring for hairs can help your child grow strong and healthy hairs. When it comes to usage of hair oil and shampoo, make sure that you use products that have the best ingredients. Nisargalaya offers herbal oil and herbal shampoo for people of all age groups. The best part of these products is that they are made of some of the most valuable Ayurvedic ingredients. Bringaraja, Neelini, Bibhitaki, and Nimba are few ingredients that perform various functions. Increasing blood circulation, activating hair follicles, treating fungal infection, preventing premature greying are few of the benefits of using Nisargalaya Root Hair Oil.