Hair Damage – Your Hairs Need Extra Care

Today there are several things to worry about as far as hair care is concerned.

We live in times where everything from the water we use, to the food we eat and the air we breathe is polluted, causing health problems in us.

Chlorinated or hard water, air pollution and dust, exposure to the sun are some common factors that can damage our hair.

Along with the above factors, there is one other practice that can be causing a lot of stress on our hair follicles.

Use of helmets is made mandatory in most of the Metro Cities in India and it is known to be one of the strong reasons for hair damage today.

So how to care for your hair amidst all the challenges? What happens when your hair is damaged? This article tries to throw some light on these topics.

Hair Damage – The Science Behind it

Every strand of our hair has three different layers.

The innermost layer of the hair strand is called the medulla.

The layer which surrounds the medulla is the cortex and the layer above it is called the cuticle.

The cuticle is that layer that is made of dead cells and it acts as a protective layer against the environment.

It gives a shiny appearance to your hair.

The dead cells are arranged in the form of scales and when these scales break, your hair appears dull and unhealthy.

Hair is made of proteins. When your hair tends to become weak, there are chances of it splitting and breaking easily. This is another sign of damaged hair.

Your hairs can damage when they are weak at the roots.

The follicles which hold the hairs at the root sometimes do not carry enough nourishing nutrients to keep the hair well-rooted.

All of the above factors can indicate that your hairs need some attention.

Helmet Use and Hair Damage – How to Care for Your Hairs?

There are several factors that can be affecting your hair’s health.

When your scalp and hairs are subject to various environmental factors such as heat and pollution and do not receive enough nourishment, they turn weak and are easily damaged.

The use of the helmet as such adds to such a condition wherein due to accumulation of dust and sweat the hairs may turn weaker.

There may also be physical damage to your hair when your helmet is too tight and pulling on your hair.

To tackle these problems, it is necessary to be gentle and follow certain clean practices (like using a cotton kerchief over your head before putting on the helmet) while using the helmet.

It is also important for you to care for your hairs enough in the first place so as to protect it from more harmful pollutants, dust, stress and all other factors.

Herbal Hair Care Solutions for Damaged Hair

Ayurveda, the age old science of India has solutions to most of the problems related to hairs and health.

When it comes to hair care, Ayurveda considers our body as a whole and treats not just the hairs but all relevant body problems to address the root cause.

There are many herbs specially grown and developed into medicine in India that addresses hair damage problems.

Brahmi, Champak, Amalaki and Vatada are some of the herbal ingredients that can smoothen cuticles, cool your scalp, reach the roots and provide nourishment to hairs making them stronger and healthier.

These herbal ingredients are very effective in fighting the pollutants and heat.

Nisargalaya Root Hair Oil and Nisargalaya Shampoo are two products that are made of herbal ingredients to prevent all types of hair care problems and promote growth.

Haircare products from Nisargalaya can be used by people of all age groups and all members of the family.

The products can be purchased online through Nisargalaya website.

Try Ayurvedic solutions to your hair care problems and you may not require anything more.