Split Ends: A Serious Hair Care Problem in Indian Women
Split Ends

If you are asked to list out a few common hair problems women face in India, split ends will definitely be one among the top 3 or top 5.

It is one problem that can make your hair look dry, dull and clumsy.

When you have split ends, your hairs get tangled and tend to break easily.

There are many causes for this problem and there are remedies based on the extent and type of the split.

This write-up helps you to firstly identify split ends and then enlightens you about the causes and suggests a few remedies.

There are herbal hair care products that can strengthen your hairs from the roots and prevent the problem of split ends in the first place.

Read the complete article to know more about this common hair problem among Indian women.

Split Ends – How do You Know if You have the problem?

Split ends is one common hair problem where the strand of your hair splits as it approaches the end.

The split can occur in various ways including the branch, the fork, the tree and candle types.

This division is based on the how many splits occur and at what point the split occurs in the hair shaft.

Hairs are of the size of tens of micrometer. Therefore it may turn out to be difficult to find split hair by the simple look at the hairs.

However, there are few ways you can know if you have split hairs problem

Split hairs tend to make your hair dry. There may be knots at the end of your hairs and the hairs may tend to breakaway easily when you try to comb.

Another common indicator of split hairs is the stopping of hair growth after a certain point.

Split Ends – The Causes and Home Remedies

There can be many reasons why your hairs split.

Hairs normally split when they turn weak or from mechanical stress or heat stress.

Hairs become dry and weak when they are exposed to air pollution, dust and sun. This can leave your hair dry making them prone to split ends.

Drying your hairs using a towel in a harsh manner and using your comb to brush your hair roughly can cause the hairs to split.

Heat drying hairs at a high temperature can also cause hair damage leading to split hairs.

Aloe Vera

The gel that is extracted from natural aloe vera can be a great natural remedy for split ends. This gel can be applied to your hair and left to settle for about half an hour before you take a shampoo bath.


Beer is another great ingredient for hair care. It can add the shine that your hairs lack and make the hairs look healthier. Spraying beer on your hairs and leaving it for a few minutes before you take a shampoo bath can let the split ends vanish.

Egg Yolk

Egg is one of the greatest sources of protein and is often recommended for hair care. Egg yolk can be mixed with almond oil, olive oil and honey to come up with a mixture that can treat your split ends the problem.

Split Ends – The Ayurvedic Solution

Ayurveda has solutions to all hair problems that we come across today.

Herbal ingredients used in ayurvedic hair oil and shampoo can strengthen your hairs right from the roots, give a better texture to it, promote growth and treat damage.

Nisargalaya hair care products have won the trust of people as far as treating hair problems are concerned.

Be it hair fall, dry hairs or split ends, the herbal essence such as Yashtimadhu and Rasanjana of Nisargalaya hair oil and shampoo ensures that the split ends are treated and you get shiny and silky hairs. You can now order these best hair care products for split ends online.