Why Nisargalaya Products – Understand More..

Why Nisargalaya?

  • Nisargalaya believes in products that care for the overall health of the customers.
  • Nisargalaya have decades of experience in specialty farming of medicinal herbs.
  • The only reasons that make Nisargalaya apart in competitive Ayurvedic is the obsession with perfection when it comes to quality and celebrity of the product.
  • To ensure this, Nisargalaya grows its own raw materials such as herbs and other nursery products as per the standards and needs, prescribed by research experts.

Advantages of using Nisargalaya Herbal products

  • There are practically no side effects.
  • The ingredients used are mostly derived from herbs, plants, flowers, fruits etc making it a remedy near to nature.
  • It not only helps in treating but also prevent the occurrence of the problems.
  • Oil therapies offer relief from mental stress besides rejuvenating the body.
  • It helps in nourishing the body and enhancing mental ability.

Which shampoo is better for hair fall/ dandruff?

Nisargalaya Brahmi Herbal Hair Oil helps in the nourishment of long and strong hair, it avoids hair fall thereby helps you to have thick, strong and healthy hair. The Brahmi Extract present in Nisargalaya Brahmi Oil gives you beautiful, thick, strong and healthy hair as it is the main nutrient for hair. Nisargalaya Brahmi Oil increases blood flow to hair follicles helping hair to grow healthy and strong.


  • Strengthens the Hair.
  • Avoid Hair fall & removes dandruff.
  • Gives soothing effect to eyes and stress-free feeling.
  • Helps healthy hair growth.
  • Reduces splitting of hairs.




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