Our company is very different from other herbal or health food companies. At Nisargalaya, we promote herbs that bring happiness, wellness, and beauty.
With decades of experience in specialty farming of medicinal herbs, we use our plantations to grow herbs as per the needs of our research experts and according to the demands of our manufacturing units and laboratories.
Our herbs or alternatives are completely safe with no side effects or addictive properties. We promote the use of natural herbs and products and serve to educate people about the important role that herbs play in human health and wellbeing.
Nisargalaya provides consumers with innovative products within easy reach and aims to be the preferred choice in health and beauty products. Nisargalaya has a strong brand presence in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Our supply-chain management assumes significance which is aptly reflected through remarkable expansion in our dealer-distribution network, outlets, and manpower. We ensure that we fulfill all the needs of our consumers with safe and natural solutions, guided by our deep knowledge of Ayurveda and herbs in combination with modern science.


To create a ‘Global Healthcare’ brand identity the green-way through a strong value system, ethics and global quality of the high standard in herbal and healthcare products.

  • Develop markets nationwide with a long-term approach.
  • Manufacturing products with the promise of exceeding the expectations of our consumers every single time.
  • To strive hard to create a vibrant, scientific, innovative and ethical organization to improve human health.
  • To become India’s largest employment provider among herbal companies.